Code of Conduct

We act with the principles of integrity, honesty, equality and fairness in all our business processes, business relationships, decisions and conducts. Our Code of Ethics and Code of Conducts confirm our commitment to the highest legal and ethical standards in our relations with our employees, customers, suppliers and all other of parts of industry and society.

Our Principles for the Society, Environment and Humanity

We value being committed to human rights and democracy, sensitive to the protection of environment, devoted to education and charities, and practices aiming at eliminating crime and corruption. We do not give and accept any bribe or improper inducement in any form or by any means that is viewed as excessive such as gifts, treats, receptions, etc. First and foremost, we support, and respect declared human rights and encourage or assent the violation of human rights. With the awareness of being a good citizen, we act responsibly to improve environmental quality and the quality of human life. We use our best endeavours to support non-governmental organisations and public interest groups through appropriate activities. We support the development and spread of environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Responsibilities to Our Customers

We work with an innovative approach that is focused on customer satisfaction, responds and finds solutions to the needs and demands of our customers in the shortest time and in the easiest and most accurate manner. We always offer our services on a timely manner and on promised terms; and we approach our customers with respect, equality and courtesy. We work with passion and dedication to provide our customers with a reliable, smooth, easy and fun leasing and driving experience.

Our Responsibilities to Our Employees

We provide a safe, healthy and sustainable work environment for our employees. We respect and support their legal rights and freedoms. We do not employ or support forced, compulsory and illegal employment. We do not employ child labour. We act in an equal, fair and non-discriminatory manner during recruitment and career planning stages. Having aware of the fact that strong employee brand is the basis of customer satisfaction, we listen to our employees, take note of their preferences and prioritise employee satisfaction and performance. We apply fair, meaningful and performance-oriented systems that comply with the general market trends and industry practices, and we provide necessary support to our employees for their professional and personal development.

Our Responsibilities to Our Suppliers

We behave fairly and respectfully as expected from a good customer. We take the necessary care to satisfy our obligations on a timely manner. We respect and protect the confidential information of our business partners.

Confidentiality and Protection of Information

Confidential and proprietary information is used only for customer service and company’s operations. They are shared only on a need-to-know basis and protected by managers, employees and business partners. We ensure that our employees, suppliers, business partners and third parties comply with all our policies, procedures and processes. We ensure that all our processes are updated in accordance with the developing technology. We identify the risks that threaten business continuity and take the necessary measures. We ensure that all our employees have information security training, and we measure its effectiveness. It is one of our priorities to comply with legal regulations governing information security and protection of personal data.