Which criteria should my company satisfy to lease a vehicle?

Your company’s financial solvency will be identified by our finance team. At this stage, we may ask you to provide some information or documents. We will do our best to complete the auditing process and inform you of the result in the fastest way possible.

What are the key factors to consider while reviewing leasing offers?

In general, you should carefully examine the content of service you are planning to buy. The key factors need to be considered in leasing agreements are as follows:
KM Limit (How many kilometres do you intend to travel in your leased car in a year?)
KM Excess Fees (This is the amount you must pay if you exceed the mileage limit you have agreed in the agreement for the vehicle you have rented)
• After how many kilometres do you need to change your tires?
• Insurance terms and conditions
• Right to Declaration
• Replacement vehicle delivery periods
• Service times
• Road assistance service content
• Is 7/24 service available?
Please do not forget. You will need service over the course of the contractual period. There should not be any downtime or disruption in the operation and maintenance of your vehicles. Therefore, the company you will have a deal should have both experience and competence to manage this operation. This is incredibly important.

The declaration limits do not seem enough. Is there any limitless option?

No car insurance provides a declaration limit in an unlimited number or amount. However, we may revise the declaration limits upwards considering the needs of our customers and their request at the time of contract.

Can I rent a second-hand car from Intercity?

Because our focus is customer satisfaction, Intercity rents only brand-new cars.

Can I rent a car for a day?

We do not offer daily rent.

Why is there no recontracting?

The term of your contract may be extended up to 47 months through supplementary protocols. When the term exceeds 47 years, the agreement expires automatically pursuant to applicable laws as it is considered as a leasing service thereafter.